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ACTION Dedicated Fleet Services - Toronto Shipment, Toronto Trucking

A dedicated team of professional fleet management staff, shippers and drivers taking care of all your shipping and distribution needs.


doing what


does best, so that you can focus on what you do best.

Getting product quickly and efficiently to your customer is challenge enough.

Having to juggle fluctuating shipment volumes, vehicle capacity, ownership and maintenance, driver recruitment and training, payroll, safety, legislative and compliance issues, and the like, simply eats away at your valuable time and that of your core business.

When you are looking for all the advantages of an internal shipping and transportation department, but don't want the related day-to-day responsibilities, elect for an


Contract Services' Dedicated Fleet of your own.

You tell us your shipping and distribution needs and challenges. We create and manage a turnkey, door-to-door, custom solution that's right for you.

Bottom Line


Contract Services assumes full, on-site responsibility for the effective and efficient "end-to-end" movement and management of all your shipments.

The ACTION Advantage
The headaches? – They’re ours!

Here’s How It Works
  • We assign a point of contact that is responsible for analyzing your transportation and logistics requirements.
  • We meet with your management staff to understand your service levels, customer needs, and your expectations.
  • We analyze your current volumes, schedules, and proposed number & type of vehicles to service your requirements.
  • A custom package will then be proposed to your management.
  • We hire professional drivers and manage all the administrative functions such as criminal searches, reference checks, drug testing, and driver abstracts to name a few.
  • Drivers are then trained on the processes and procedures designed specifically to meet your company’s needs and expectations.
  • We will outfit the drivers in your company’s uniforms, making the fleet transparent to your customers.


    will also logo the vehicles in your company’s colors.
  • All vehicles will be equipped with the latest technology to maintain constant communication and tracking. This will allow you to communicate the status of your shipments to your customers at any time.

    will be responsible for payroll, compliance, driver absents, vehicle breakdowns, maintenance and regulatory compliance. By using the same driver to service your regular clients, we can help you build a strong relationship of dependability with your customers.
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